Lord Steve’s Decree — Issue #5

If I fits, I sits

Off the Top of My Head

You know that feeling you get when something fits perfectly? We moved into this new home and everywhere I look I find something new that fits exactly how it should.

Weekly Earworm

The Business Section

I’ve found myself scrolling through Indeed.com and ZipRecruiter for more opportunities, whether they’re contract-based or part time or, depending on the opportunity, full time. It’s not that I feel like I need a new job, it’s just that I feel like I would feel a lot more secure if I had a steady income along with the income I draw from month-to-month clients that could theoretically drop me at any time. If you have the need of a remote worker or know someone who does, give them my name. I’m really up for anything and I’m good at video editing, social media, and blog writing.

Play Time

Tweet of the Week

I once spent a whole night playing a Star Trek game on an old Macintosh in my dad's music studio. Now I tweet for a living. https://solo.to/lordsteve